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Spravato services offered in Oradell, NJ and New Rochelle and Upper West Side, New York, NY

Spravato is an evidence-based treatment that offers remarkable results for treatment-resistant depression. Keta Medical Center in Oradell, New Jersey,  the Upper West Side of Manhattan and New Rochelle, New York, the team of experts, led by Haviva Malina, MD, and Cheryl Malina, MD, offers in-office Spravato treatments for patients who don’t get the results they need from antidepressants alone. Spravato is is administered through an nasal spray and offers quick relief for symptoms of depression. Spravato is typically covered by insurance. Book your consultation online or call the office to schedule an appointment today.

Spravato is a nasal spray version of ketamine that was FDA-approved for the treatment of depression symptoms in 2019. Spravato has been shown to improve the symptoms of depression that have been resistant to traditional medical treatments like antidepressants. You take Spravato alongside an oral antidepressant. Spravato treatment works in the much same way as intravenous (IV) ketamine. The drug brings on a glutamate surge in your brain, which stimulates the growth of new neural connections. Ketamine also acts on brain receptors to stabilize mood.

One of the most significant benefits of ketamine treatment, including Spravato, is that it takes effect right away. Many patients leave the office feeling immediate relief.

How do Spravato and Ketamine differ?

While both Spravato and IV ketamine are effective treatment methods, they differ in delivery, session frequency, and affordability.

How is Spravator administered?

At Keta Medical Center, Spravato is administered under the supervision of the trained medical team that includes a doctor and a nurse.  You will be monitored throughout your treatment and during your recovery. 

Is it affordable?

Spravato is usually covered by insurance plans making Spravato an affordable option.  In addition, Janssen, the manufacturer of Spravato, provides significant copay patient assistance.

What should I expect on the day of treatment?

You will receive a pre-treatment evaluation, which may include a physical exam, medical history review, and mental health assessment.  The ketamine treatment is administered by a healthcare professional and a physician will be onsite at all times to monitor you. They will monitor your vital signs, such as your blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing.

After the treatment, you will be required to stay for a period of observation to ensure that any potential side effects have subsided and that you are stable to go home. You will need to arrange either for someone to drive you or you can call an Uber. We reccomend that patients rest for the remainder of the day but you can then resume your regular routine the next day. 

What is the session frequency?

With Spravato, you typically have sessions twice a week for the first month and once a week for the second month. After that, you can expect treatments either once a week or once every two weeks. Your doctor will customize a treatment plan depending on your medical needs and mental health goals. 

If you would like to learn more about how Spravato can effectively treat depression, call Keta Medical Center or click on the online scheduler now.

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