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At least 30% of people with anxiety disorders are not adequately treated by traditional psychiatric medications or psychotherapy.  At Keta Medical Center, Haviva Malina, MD, and Cheryl Malina, MD, offers ketamine infusions to treat anxiety disorders. This groundbreaking treatment approach can provide patients with symptom relief starting at the very first treatment. To find out whether ketamine treatment is right for you, call the office or click the online scheduler now.

Anxiety is a feeling of tension, worry, or unease, and it may also cause physical symptoms like sweating, hyperventilating (rapid breathing), upset stomach, and increased blood pressure. 

Although some amount of anxiety is normal, some people experience persistent anxiety in nearly every life situation. Generalized anxiety disorder occurs when anxiety symptoms are difficult to control and occur on most days over a six-month period or longer.

Ketamine Therapy for Treating Anxiety

The most common treatments for anxiety include oral medications (primarily antidepressants) and cognitive behavioral therapy. However, only about 6 in 10 people with anxiety improve with this approach. Additionally, some anxiety medications have unwanted side-effects.

IV ketamine therapy can be a highly effective solution for people with treatment-resistant anxiety. Traditional antidepressants affect your brain’s levels of serotonin and norepinephrine, chemicals that influence feelings and mood. Ketamine therapy has a different mechanism of action: it  blocks the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor in the brain, so the brain gets more glutamate. This surge helps you grow new neural connections. Ketamine also works on other brain receptors to stabilize and enhance your mental well-being. 

Unlike antidepressants that take weeks (or longer) to work, most patients experience rapid relief with ketamine therapy.  If you’d like to learn more about ketamine treatment, call Keta Medical Center or book a free consultation through online scheduling now.

Ketamine Treatment Indications