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Recent studies show that ketamine can change your thought patterns around alcohol, reducing your desire to drink and paving the path to long-lasting sobriety. At KETA Medical Center in Oradell, New Jersey, Manhattan in New York City and New Rochelle, New York, Haviva Malina, MD, and Cheryl Malina, MD, and their team of experts offer ketamine treatment to help their patients experience mind and body renewal and free them from the confines of addiction. Book your consultation online or call the office to arrange a visit with a caring professional now.

Alcohol Addiction Q & A

What is alcohol addiction?

Alcohol addiction is the inability to control drinking due to a physical and emotional dependence on alcohol. Recent research has shown that ketamine, combined with psychological therapy, can help people with alcoholism stay sober longer.

Alcohol addiction, or alcohol use disorder, is the most prevalent substance use disorder worldwide. More than 6% of adults in the United States have an alcohol use disorder, about 1 in 12 men and 1 in 25 women.

What are the symptoms of alcohol addiction? 

Alcohol addiction is characterized by:

  • A prolonged period of frequent, heavy alcohol use
  • Inability to control drinking once started
  • Physical dependence 
  • Withdrawal symptoms when drinking stops
  • Increased tolerance (the need to use more and more alcohol to get the same effects)

Alcohol addiction can also lead to serious health problems such as high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, dementia, and liver disease. It increases your risk of certain types of cancer and weakens your immune system. 

Further, people who use alcohol excessively often have mental health challenges. For example, over 63% of people with alcohol addiction experience depression. 

Ultimately, alcohol addiction can cause unpleasant and frustrating symptoms while also leading to health, relationship, work, and legal issues.

What are the treatment options for alcohol addiction?


Traditional treatment for alcohol addiction involves counseling, such as behavioral therapy, and medications that reduce the desire to drink. 


However, many find this isn’t enough, and relapse rates for recovering alcoholics are high: Studies show that about 40-60% of individuals relapse within 30 days of leaving an inpatient treatment center, and up to 85% relapse within the first year.


Ketamine treatment can help patients who aren’t responding to traditional treatments. In a recent study, people with severe alcohol disorder were able to stay sober for longer when treated with low doses of ketamine combined with psychological therapy.

KETA Medical Center offers  intravenous (IV) ketamine as an off-label treatment that has shown promising results in clinical trials. All treatments occur in comfortable private treatment rooms with power reclining chairs.

The team monitors your treatment experience closely and gives you the caring support needed to get the most from your treatments. 

If you struggle with alcohol use and are searching for a solution, ketamine can help you get your life back. The sympathetic KETA Medical Center providers are waiting to help, so call the office or book your appointment online today.

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