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New Jersey Office - Ketamine Clinic located in Oradell. Serving Teaneck, Ridgewood, Paramus, Fairlawn and Westwood in Bergen County; and Spring Valley and New City in Rockland County

Westchester Office - Ketamine Clinic located in New Rochelle. Serving Yonkers and Scarsdale in Westchester County, Bronx County and Greenwich in Fairfield County, Connecticut

New York City Office - Ketamine Clinic located on the Upper West Side. Serving the Borough of Manhattan

Partnership Approach

At KETA Medical Center, we work with a patient’s existing mental health practitioners as partners in care for the patient. If you refer a patient to KETA Medical Center, you can be comfortable that:

  • Your patients will receive treatment in a safe, medically appropriate setting with an experienced physician present and monitoring the patient through the entire treatment course.
  • Your patient will be made aware of any necessary post-treatment instructions and our physicians will make themselves available to address the patient’s concerns – before, during, and after treatment.
  • We will always be in regular contact with you and make ourselves available to discuss the patient’s progress and any concerns you have regarding the treatment.

At KETA Medical Center, we recognize that a patient’s existing mental health practitioner knows their patients best, and we will discuss each patient’s mental health profile, history, and unique circumstances prior to commencing treatment. With your partnership, we can provide the promising benefits of Ketamine therapy to your patients in a safe, controlled, physician-supervised setting.

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Ketamine Research – Additional Resources

As Ketamine has been increasingly studied and has gained more traction in the medical community, more studies have been conducted to help us understand what makes this drug such a powerful antidepressant and mood-stabilizing option. Below are links to recent academic studies reporting on the beneficial effects of Ketamine.